We Are Sammy’s Bikes

We are located in lovely downtown St. Charles right on the Fox River (click here for map). Our showroom has a distinct European style, with good old Midwest hospitality. Please stop in and shop while enjoying a one of our espressos. If you’re looking for your first or next bike, or just want to learn more about cycling we’re here to serve you. Stop in to learn more about cycling, or mingle with our many club members!



Sponsoring some of the top triathletes in the country, we always have our pulse on the newest and fastest gear.  Sammy’s Bikes has the largest selection of tri gear in the area.  Stop in today to get ready for your next event.


Sammy’s love for high quality bicycles is apparent as soon as you step into the St. Charles shop. Sammy’s Bikes consistently stocks the most top-end bicycles in the area. Even if you’re not looking for the lightest carbon fiber race bike, though, Sammy’s has the right bicycle for you.

Wheels and Accessories

Sammy’s Bikes stocks everything you need for your summer riding. From high end carbon race wheels and helmets to water bottle holders there is nothing you could possibly need that Sammy’s doesn’t have in stock.

Come Visit Us!

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Come in for an espresso!

Come on in for an espresso!