Ride Maps

Sammy’s Solo Riding Challenge:

Click the upper left icon and the map menu will show the list.
There is a feature as in tunnel, trail junction or view at each location.
Snap a selfie, and post to facebook and or instagram – you must use the hashtags:
#(the number of the check in location 1-20)

The folks with the most check ins until April 30th get free swag!
We hope that you learn cool new spots or rides from this.
Ride safe and ride spaced! Group rides will return as soon as it is safe.

Where to ride single track

We will update over time, any questions, call the shop!

Local rides. The layers will show mapped rides: (coming soon)

Use google maps for cycling

How to enable cycling routes on google maps:
-Go to maps.google.com
-Click the three lines in the upper left (menu)
-Click Bicycling in the menu
-Enter a point to ride to
-Click directions
-Enter a starting location
-Click the cycling icon
-You can enter multiple way points
-Google will map multiple way points and keep you on the most cycling friendly routes.
-Send them to your fun and get turn by turn in your garmin!